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Winter Tile Wonderland: Brighten the Season with Tiles in New Shades of Blue

Winter is a good time to rejuvenate your home or office with tile, and this year’s new shades of blue tile are perfect for brightening and warming your space. Discover a winter wonderland of ideas for tile projects from John Merola, featuring beautiful blues in an exciting range of shades, shapes, textures, and patterns.

Why Blue Tile?

Everyone has a favorite shade of blue. The most popular colors right now include vibrant blues, distressed blues, and moody blues, and they are available in a surprising spectrum of shades to suit different tastes.

Blue is one of the most timeless, enduring, and appealing colors to choose for tiling your walls and floors because tile is more permanent and durable than paint, and its appeal lasts longer.

Tile is also one of the most versatile materials for upgrading your space. It offers a myriad of benefits, from cleanliness and durability to style. Blue tile hits all the right notes for adding beauty and function to living and work areas in every season, not just winter.

Ideas for Blue Tile Wonderlands

Whether you prefer a light sky blue or the deepest, darkest sapphire, you’ll find plenty of options in blue tile this year. Get motivated with these creative ideas for beautiful blue tile projects.

Kitchen Backsplashes: Blue Tile for All Tastes

Merola Tile Kitchen and Backsplash Collection

The backsplash is on the top of our idea list because it’s a small and simple tile project with big impact.

  • Old world charm is steeped into terracotta tile backsplashes, like these weathered blue tiles from Spain called King’s Aurora Blue. Or explore the latest distressed look tiles made to look like seasoned wood.
  • Vintage and retro theme kitchens get a style boost from indigo subway tiles or quaint diamond backsplashes in sparkling sapphire.
  • Sophisticated culinary spaces are perfect for tile backsplashes in modern, moody color schemes and abstract patterns. Experiment with stone-finish tile in cool blue-grey tones for a touch of urban elegance.
  • Clean and contemporary kitchens this year feature new geometric designs, such as abstract stars and tridents. Nature-inspired shades, Castillo Sky, make crisp and appealing backsplashes and tiled kitchen walls.

Bluesy Lounge & Living Areas

Blue tile can change the atmosphere of living areas, expressing different energy and emotion. Picture an optimistic sky blue versus a dark smoky blue, and you can automatically sense the different feeling each color evokes.

Fireplace walls crafted of tile continue to grow in popularity, and it’s the perfect project to create your own Winter Tile Wonderland. Try cobalt tile to make a dramatic statement. For cozy, attractive hearth areas, warm things up with blue terracotta or mosaic.

Rooms come to life with blues inspired by nature. Decorate your living areas with the colors of water, sky, flowers, and birds. Experiment with leafy blue botanical tiles, lapis squares, or azure tile embossed with vines and flowers.

Family rooms get a lift of positive energy from periwinkle and violet blue tiles. For a farmhouse friendly feeling, consider wood and stone finish tile tinted in your favorite shade of blue.

Foyers are warm and welcoming when tiled in rustic indigo and weathered blue wood-style. Or try a neutral blue like slate for a modern, organic vibe in your entryway.

Moody Blues

One of this year’s trends is the moody color palette. Dark, smoky shades of blue work beautifully with a number of design styles. Create a sophisticated and modern atmosphere with midnight blues.

Or add unique warmth to both contemporary and country homes with stormy and coco blue tiles on walls, floors, countertops and backsplashes.

Baby Blue

Blue tile in a nursery or children’s bathroom is a clean, happy choice. Young ones look forward to bath time when the tub is lined with Captain Nautilus tiles, and brushing teeth is fun with sea blue Fishie tiles around the sink.

Teal is a popular color for babies of either sex and it goes well with a variety of baby themes, whether natural, whimsical, or artistic. And don’t forget the health and practical benefits of decorating children’s rooms with tile—it’s sanitary, easy to clean, and super durable.

Bathed in Blue

Bathrooms come alive in blue, becoming places of rejuvenation instead of simply utilitarian rooms.

  • For a serene, spa-like feeling, consider pale and restful shades of blue mixed with wood or bamboo patterned tile.
  • If you want a luxe bathroom that makes you feel pampered, go bold or use gold. Dark, moody blues with gold fixtures or even gold colored grout looks sophisticated and chic.
  • For an energizing, contemporary bathroom, liven things up with bright blues like cobalt or vibrant violet tiles.
  • Guest baths are a great place to unleash your creativity. Think about a dramatic backdrop of blue-black tile spotlighting a white tub. Or iridescent blue tiles with botanical patterns embossed on them. Ocean theme guest baths are always popular, and there are a number of blue accent tiles that transform bland bathrooms in beautiful retreats.

Winter Tile Wonderland Resource

Blue tile never goes out of style, the shades just evolve with personal tastes and trends. This winter, you can easily upgrade your home or work space with a tile project that adds unique and long-lasting appeal and function to your life. Visit the Blue tile section of Merola website for endless ideas to inspire your winter tile wonderland.

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