Timeless: Marble in all its magnificence

Calacatta marble has long been one of the interior designer’s favorite finishes, and many homeowners aspire to feature this magnificent white marble in their home. With our Timeless range, this dream can become a reality.

More than living up to its name, our Timeless range delivers a set of exquisite Calacatta designs in different porcelain floor and wall tile formats. The result is as on-trend and popular now as if would have been in the 16th Century. The smooth, satin finish exudes quality. Using the finest cutting-edge digital decoration technology, Timeless captures the look of natural marble in all its subtle detail, with a bright white background animated by deep dark veins for a sharp contrast. In many ways Timeless is even better than the material that inspired it, as all the blemishes and imperfections of the real stone are digitally retouched before the Calacatta design is made permanent in exquisite, glazed porcelain.

This classic porcelain tile is both durable, and easy-to-maintain. It is perfect for any setting; being traditional enough for historical renovations, or modern enough for new construction. A vast range of print variations, randomly distributed throughout each box, ensures that every Timeless installation looks fresh and unique. It can be used as a finishing piece in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, entryways, pools, etc. It coordinates with other Merola ranges, such as Llama; while special pieces — such as a bullnose trim — provide the finishing details that will elevate any installation.

Manufactured by one of Spain’s top producers, Timeless is frost-resistant, durable, and safe for a wide range of interior and exterior locations, including walk-in showers, backsplashes, entrance ways, and many more.


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