The Stella Series

If one tile captures the essence of Merola, it is probably Stella.  This simple, elegant, and characterful tile range is adorned by the design device with which our name is perhaps most closely associated: the star.  This is a pattern for which we are acknowledged markets leaders: and we have collaborated closely with our Spanish manufacturing partners to develop this timeless design into the stunning Stella series.

We have been able to use the same classic eight-pointed star motif across both interlining square and hexagonal tiles: offering two very different takes on this timeless shape.  Equal thought has also gone into the pared down palette of white, black, and blue tones that convey the specific moods of different times of the day.  A medium-sheen glaze brings out the full depth of the saturated glaze colors, while also emphasizing the traditional star pattern.

The whole collection can be using singly, or effortlessly combined to achieve unique and distinctive pairings.  Stella thus delivers sublime design versatility.  It works well in many different indoor and outdoor installations, including kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, showers, hallways, entryways, patios, and fireplace façades.

The Stella series offers a strong sustainability proposition, compared to alternative wall and floor coverings.  The tiles are hard wearing, scratch resistant, non-porous, stain- and acid-resistant, and, of course, very easy to clean.  They are also 100% frost-proof, making Stella the perfect tile to add a touch of 3D glamour to an outdoor kitchen or sun terrace.

Long lasting, and durable, these porcelain tiles are made from naturally occurring raw materials that are non-toxic both during and after use.  Safe and hygienic, Stella is an environmentally sound choice for your home.


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