One of the core trends in modern interiors has been the growing use of texture as a design element. This means that contemporary textured tiles with natural appeal, like our stunning Ordino range, are prized for their lasting good looks and elegant authenticity. In this range, the beauty is enhanced by a dynamic sense of movement caused by reflecting light and shadows.

Ordino is a practical porcelain alternative to traditional stone ledger panels. Offering superior technical qualities, Ordino still has all the shading variety and textural nuances of natural stone, delivered in a porcelain tile that fully realizes the beauty of this timeless style.

Ordino features delicate three-dimensional reliefs and textures in two options: black and white.

Ordino Black offers a faithful interpretation of a charcoal grey quartzite ledger panel. This distinguished contemporary look is perfect as for a kitchen backsplash, or a restful fireplace surround. It will also find favor outdoors as feature barbecue, terrace floor, or facing for a large planter.

Ordino White is a striking and dynamic white stone-effect tile. The split face finish is very tactile and authentic, making it ideal for interior and exterior wall design projects.  Ordino White is perfect for a wide range of applications, such as facing an external bench seat or accenting a kitchen backsplash.

Ordino is a timeless, aspirational, and characterful range that is equally at home in modern or more rustic spaces.  It allows homeowners to experience deep reliefs and alluring textures safe in the knowledge that these strong surfaces will stand the test of time without the chipping or crumbling that can affect brittle natural stone over time.

Manufactured from highly resistant porcelain by our expert manufacturing partner in Spain, we recommend that Ordino is installed in an offset pattern using narrow grout joints in a non-contrasting grout color. This creates a seamless look that will maximize the range’s natural appeal.


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