Horizon: Vivid, Vibrant, Versatile

Very few tile ranges can match the design potential of our exuberant Horizon collection. These gorgeous six-sided tiles have geometric styling combined with a classic lily pad or starburst design. Playing into the popular Art Deco trend, Horizon also delivers a shot of summertime color in 8 exquisite shades.

The design options do not end there. Each of the 8 plain colors is also available two different decorative starburst patterns; either a solid color with five white pattern lines, or the reverse: a white background with colored pattern lines.

Horizon delivers an authentic artisanal vibe with delicate shade variation across all plain pieces, and hand-brushed irregular lines of the patterned pieces.

The ability to rotate each tile, and form them into a variety of different patterns, offers even more decorative possibilities. Tiles can be laid with the starburst pattern facing up or down, inclined left or right, or even rotated so that each set of three tiles creates a larger star-shaped design.

Suitable for use on both walls and floors, Horizon will bring real energy into your home. The combination of shape, pattern, and color reflects the influence of Maximalism and Dopamine Design. The ability to achieve one-of-a-kind installations, coupled with ease of cleaning and excellent wear characteristics, makes Horizon an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations including, kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, showers, hallways, entryways, and even hearths and fireplace façades.

The range’s beautiful vibrant colors will not fade, even in bright sunlight, making them perfect for conservatories, sunrooms, patios, and terraces.

The color palette is worth particular attention. It spans the vital monochrome options of black and white, includes a subtle mid grey, and features five exquisite accent colors: aquamarine, azul (mid blue), verde (mint green), mostaza (rich orangey mustard), and rosa (warm pink). All five accent hues are totally on-trend; offering livable tones that will saturate your home with energy and positivity.


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