Aster Hex:  Viva versatility

Redoing a bathroom or open plan kitchen or maybe refreshing your apartment or smaller spaced rooms then our Aster Hex maybe the answer to refresh your space.

It’s versatile art deco design adds a splash of geometric styling that’s both elegant and fun.

The crisp sunburst decor can be laid in open or closed patterns, vertical or horizontal bands, or as a frame effect. This makes this design ideal for feature walls, vibrant shower enclosures, or statement backsplashes.  On the floor, the Aster Hex design can be used to define kitchen islands, or provide a clear sense of movement and direction in hallways or corridors.

Aster Hex comes in four carefully curated colors: white, black, green, and blue.  The three darker hues harmonize with many of today’s most fashionable neutrals; such as bone, taupe, greige, and ivory.  

Made in porcelain by one of Europe’s top manufacturers, Aster Hex is exemplary stain and scratch-resistance, making it easy to clean.  The colors will not fade with age, even with constant exposure to full sun.  Impervious and frost-resistant, Aster Hex is an ideal choice for either indoor or outdoor installations, in even the harshest environment.

And, of course, Aster Hex is a safe choice for your home, being made from 100% natural materials, free from allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.


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