Merola Tile has a robust history within the tile industry. It all began in Brooklyn, New York, where a young Italian-American man, Kevin Merola, dared to dream big. The rest, as they say, is history.


Inspired by their Italian American heritage and Brooklyn upbringing, Kevin Merola establishes Merola Tile in 1988. The company focuses on providing exceptional customer service and quality tile designs to create beautiful, inviting spaces in homes across the nation.


A year after its founding, John Merola brings his keen eye for trends and design to Merola Tile, joining his brother Kevin in the flourishing business. Together, they expand the company into big commerce, forming partnerships with major retailers and elevating Merola Tile to new heights in the industry.


In 1999, Merola Tile takes a significant step forward by forging a partnership with retail giant The Home Depot. As a Special Order Tile Vendor, Merola Tile gains a wider reach and solidifies its reputation for providing unique, high-quality tile designs to an even broader customer base.


In 2006, John Merola expands the company’s operations by opening a new facility in Somerset, New Jersey. This marks the beginning of Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division, extending their reach and allowing them to better serve customers throughout the region with their distinct tile designs and exceptional service.


In a groundbreaking move, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division becomes the first tile vendor to distribute its products through HomeDepot.com in 2007. This milestone showcases the strong partnership between Merola Tile and The Home Depot, as well as their shared commitment to offering customers easy access to stylish, high-quality tile designs online.


In a strategic expansion move, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division introduces the SomerTile brand in 2008. This new line of products is specifically aimed at dealers, further broadening the company’s customer base and offering a diverse range of high-quality tile designs to meet various market needs and tastes.


In 2009, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division starts distributing its products through Overstock.com. This significant step furthers Merola Tile’s digital presence, offering customers another online platform to easily access their diverse range of quality tile designs, and marks another milestone in Merola Tile’s continuous expansion.


In a continued effort to increase their online presence and accessibility, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division starts distribution through Wayfair.com in 2011. This move enhances customer convenience by offering another popular online platform for purchasing Merola Tile’s quality, stylish tile designs, solidifying their status as a leader in the industry.


In 2016, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division relocates to its current home in Manalapan, New Jersey. This move represents a new chapter in the company’s journey, offering expanded facilities to better support the growing demand for their high-quality, trendsetting tile designs.


Continuing to expand their digital presence, Merola Tile starts distribution on Houzz.com in 2016. This platform, known for its focus on home remodeling and design, provides an ideal setting for showcasing Merola Tile’s stylish and high-quality tile designs to a wide audience of home improvement enthusiasts and professionals.


Extending their international reach, Merola Tile begins distribution through Home Depot Canada in 2018, allowing even more customers to access their unique, high-quality tile designs. This milestone underscores Merola Tile’s growth and commitment to serving customers across borders.


In 2019, Merola Tile expands its digital footprint by beginning distribution through Build.com. This partnership provides another avenue for customers to access Merola Tile’s diverse range of stylish and high-quality tile designs, further solidifying the company’s position as a leader in the industry.


In a testament to its growth and success, Merola Tile surpasses the 100 employee mark in 2019. This milestone not only represents the company’s expanding operations but also highlights their commitment to creating jobs and fostering a dynamic, collaborative work environment.


In 2019, Merola Tile’s commitment to exceptional service and quality products is recognized as they receive the E-Commerce Partner of the Year award from Home Depot Canada. This prestigious honor underscores Merola Tile’s successful partnership with Home Depot and their shared dedication to customer satisfaction.


In a global recognition of their commitment to quality and design, Merola Tile receives the Tiles of Spain Brand Fidelity Award at Cevisama, the international ceramic tile fair held in Fira Valencia, Spain. This prestigious award further solidifies Merola Tile’s standing as a leading brand in the tile industry worldwide.


In 2019, Merola Tile’s dedication to creating a positive and supportive work environment is recognized as they receive the #1 Overall Workplace for Employee Appreciation award among New Jersey small businesses. This award underscores Merola Tile’s commitment to its team, fostering a culture of appreciation and respect.


In a significant company milestone, John Merola becomes a partner of Merola Tile in 2019. His keen eye for design trends and his ability to expand business opportunities have been instrumental in the company’s growth. This partnership further solidifies the Merola brothers’ commitment to excellence in the tile industry.


In a strategic move to enhance customer service and accessibility, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division onboards the SomerTile brand with Material Bank in 2020. This partnership allows customers to explore and order samples of the diverse SomerTile range, further showcasing Merola Tile’s commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction.


In 2020, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division significantly expands its footprint by purchasing a location in Farmingdale, NJ, adding over 100,000 square feet to its operations. This acquisition allows the company to better accommodate its growing product line and continue to provide top-notch service to its customers.


In a strategic move that strengthens their identity in the industry, Merola Tile’s New Jersey Division unifies all its brands under the banner of Merola Tile Distributors of America in 2020. This consolidation highlights the company’s diverse product range and their commitment to providing high-quality tile designs across all their brands.


In 2021, renovations and operations kick off at the newly acquired Farmingdale, NJ location of Merola Tile. This initiative marks a new phase of growth for the company, with the expanded space allowing for improved logistics, greater inventory, and ultimately, better service to their customers.


In 2021, Merola Tile Distributors of America (MTDA) further expands its digital presence by beginning distribution through Lowes.com. This partnership offers yet another popular online platform for customers to access MTDA’s diverse range of high-quality tile designs, emphasizing the company’s commitment to accessibility and customer convenience.