Tile Essentials: A Glossary of Terms

Step into the intricate world of tiles with our detailed glossary. This section provides clear definitions and explanations for various tile-related terms, empowering you to make well-informed choices for your projects.

ADHESIVE: A bonding agent used to attach tiles to various surfaces. Often referred to as thinset, mortar, mastic, or paste.
BASE MATERIAL: The foundational layer upon which tiles are laid.
BATTISCOPA EDGE: A floor trim, also known as bullnose, featuring a polished edge on one side.
INTERLOCKING PATTERN: A tile arrangement where each row is offset by half its length, commonly known as a brick or staggered pattern.
FINISHED EDGE TILE: A decorative tile with a polished edge, often referred to as bullnose.
SEALANT: A waterproof filler designed to seal gaps and ensure tile joints remain watertight.
CEMENT PANEL: A sturdy board, typically ¼” or ½” thick, made of cement and reinforced with fiberglass, serving as a base for tile installation.
FRICTION COEFFICIENT (F.C.): A measure of a surface’s resistance to slippage, indicating its smoothness or roughness.
ROUNDED BASE: A decorative tile with a convex curve and a flat base. Also known as Sanitary Base.
SETTING PERIOD: The duration during which tile adhesive must remain undisturbed to achieve maximum strength.
EPOXY BOND: A dual-component adhesive system, comprising epoxy resin and hardener, used for affixing ceramic or stone tiles.
EPOXY FILLER: A two-part filler system made of epoxy resin and hardener, known for its resistance to stains and chemicals, used to fill gaps between tiles.
DESIGN STRIP: A slender tile strip featuring unique designs, textures, or contrasting colors.
MAIN TILE: The primary tile type used to cover surfaces.
DURABLE TILE: A tile designed to endure foot traffic and wear.
JOINT FILLER: A special mortar used to fill gaps between tiles.
COATED TILE: A tile with a waterproof facial finish made of ceramic materials.
GRANITE: A hard, igneous rock primarily composed of quartz and orthoclase or microcline, available in both tile and slab forms.
SEMI-GLOSS FINISH: A tile finish often referred to as “Lappato”.
LIMESTONE: A sedimentary rock, often containing fossils or shells, available in various finishes and forms.
DECORATIVE BORDER: A decorative tile border, mainly for walls, also known as Listel or Listello.
MARBLE: A naturally occurring stone product, available in various finishes and forms.
WALL ADHESIVE: An adhesive specifically designed to bond tiles to walls.
TILE MOSAICS: Small tiles, often less than six square inches, made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, or stone, arranged in various shapes and patterns.
MORTAR MIX: A colloquial term for a thick-bed mortar made of sand and cement.
PORCELAIN: A type of tile made using the dust-pressed method, known for its dense and waterproof properties.
INDUSTRIAL TILE: A dense, unglazed tile, typically large in size and slip-resistant, often used in commercial spaces.
HYGIENIC BASE: A decorative tile with both concave and convex curves, also known as Sanitary Base.
PROTECTIVE COATING: A substance applied to porous materials like quarry tile, grout, and natural stone to prevent absorption. Not required for glazed ceramic tiles.
NATURAL SLATE: A natural stone known for its diverse colors and rustic appeal, often used indoors and outdoors.

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