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Finding Your Tile Style – Embrace Your Own Personal Trend

By John Merola, Co-Founder of Merola Tile

People talk about trends all day long. I don’t really place much importance on what the trends are. I only care about what YOUR trend is. Every individual has a different story. So there is a story behind your style, and it starts with an emotional connection.

What’s your story, and how does it reflect your own personal style? Maybe you love the retro charm of a 1960s pink bathroom because it reminds you of the youthful, carefree elegance of the time. Or perhaps your trend is travertine because it evokes a transformational trip to Italy where you explored ancient Roman ruins. When your storyis reflected in your space, something special happens. Here are ideas to help you embrace your own style and create a personal trend that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

  1. Begin by Emotional Mapping Your Space: Each corner of your home has its own story. Ask yourself: What is the function of this space, and what do I want the experience of being in it to feel like? Understanding this will help you connect with astyle that resonates with you. Your living room might be a space of joy and gatherings, while your bedroom is a personal sanctuary. Understanding the role of each room or space helps you establish the right tone and guides you toward design selections that have personal meaning.
  2. Authenticity Over Trends: While it’s tempting to ride the wave of current design trends, renovation is a long-term commitment. It’s essential to stay true to oneself. It’s ok to be different. Tiles that resonate with your authentic preferences and connect to you emotionally will remain timeless, regardless of changing trends. Lean towards the things that give you joy.
  3. Reflect Personal Stories: Tiles can be storytellers. Perhaps a Mediterranean mosaic reminds you of a cherished family vacation or a vintage pattern brings back a favoritetime in your life. Tile can also have cultural meaning that is personal. For example, red is lucky in some cultures and in others green reflects luck and prosperity. You can also tell a literal story by using tile with images or words. The design choices you makeshould echo stories that are close to your heart, creating a deeper connection with your space.
  4. The Power of Your Personal Color Palette: There is no denying that color can be an emotionally connective element. For some people, reds, oranges, and yellowstransmit energy, optimism, and happiness and reflect a bold, creative personality. For others, these colors can be too bright, aggressive, and even angry. Shades and tints of color are also important emotional connectors. A soft blue tile can evoke feelings of calm and serenity, while a vivid indigo or violet blue can have more power and presence. Again, choosing colors that tell your story or resonate with you emotionally is always in style.
  5. Celebrate Life’s Transitions: Just as our lives go through phases, our homes reflect those changes. From the vibrant choices of a young couple starting out, to the more serene choices of an empty nester, to modern grandparents who fill their homes with bold color to entice their children and grandchildren to come visit, tiles can be markers of these emotional transitions, representing growth and change.

When chosen from an emotionally authentic perspective, tiles become more than just decor. They become a reflection of ourselves that embody sentiments, capture memories, and stand as silent witnesses to the ebb and flow of life within the walls of our homes and living spaces.

As you explore the transformative world of remodeling and renovation, let your tile choices be a heartfelt reflection of who you are, ensuring every step you take resonates with authenticity. When the dust of renovation settles, what emerges is not just a transformed space, but an expression of the true self—and your individual trend.

At Merola Tile, our tagline is emotionally inspired tiles for a reason. Every tile, every pattern, every color can express feelings. Tile is a medium that allows great artistic freedom and individuality. As co-founder of Merola Tile, I’ve often seen how tiles become the canvas for our clients to express themselves and create the world they want to live-in, and I am honored to be a part of this personal journey.

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